Saturday 15 January 2011


Today has been a massively long day for me, I was awake with Amy till around 7am and that is when we finally fell asleep from a long night of gossip and chat, about how we always get the big ugly fob men who move to us on road, and we never have normal people who want to chat us up,  sex, racism, babies, boys and lots of other rubbish :) it was totally cool I sat up watching "Alvin and the chipmuks" till gone 2am :) I didn't get up out of bed till gone 12pm that was nice little sleep :)

I did have to go WH Smiths today and give back some headphones and get my money back but Amy being a goat'ed was too lazy to come and we didn't go :( We watched "The invention of lying" on Sky and then sat in out pjs. I did then go home because I needed to get my medication and a change of outfit as I'm staying here again tonight :) 

On my way back to Amy's I was walking to the bus stop and this man in a car was watching my bum as I walked, I clearly didn't know this because he was behind me till his car got ahead and he was still watching me and winked. I gave him the ugliest look ever as to say "you scum" it wasn't even funny I hate pervy men! He stopped at the lights and kept watching me, he then drove around the cover had me thinking he was following me lucky for me he didn't but he did keep watching me walking and winking like he had something wrong with his ugly fat eyes ¬_¬ I wasn't pleased tbh!

I'm at Amy's now, watching the Brit awards thing :) I did some of my votes last night :)
I love Jessie J as you all know from a past blog and I can't wait for her song to come on! I'm so happy she got the critics choice or whatever it is called, I think she is mega beautiful! I also love Scouting for girls, I've always loved them, I just wish I went to see them before they got mega famous tickets was like £10! no lie they was :( So not fair right? I love Katy Perry too... I'd marry her OFFT!! But I want her husband more <3 FITTIES <3 ;)

I'ma go now though,

Night ya'll 

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