Monday 17 January 2011

Eastenders spoiler: Airs on Thursday, January 20 2011 19:30 GMT on BBC One

With the restaurant opening night in full swing, Tamwar meets Afia.Kat and Alfie are not getting along well. Annoyed with her husband, Kat embarrasses him in front of Roxy and Christian at The Vic. She reveals that Michael has been listed as the father on Tommy's birth certificate - despite the fact that Alfie had agreed to put his own name down. However, Kat soon starts to regret her behaviour and wants to apologise - but she changes her mind when she sees Alfie laughing with Roxy. Deciding that he must not care about Tommy's death, Kat storms out of the pub.

Meanwhile, it's the day of the Argee Bhajee's grand re-opening. In a fresh attempt to re-connect with his parents, Syed delivers a good luck card to the restaurant. Zainab is secretly touched by the gesture, but Masood rips the card up. As the opening night begins, Afia insists that Tamwar needs to come clean over their relationship or it's over. Just as Masood is about to make his big opening night speech, Afia and Tamwar both enter the restaurant. Will Tamwar tell them the truth or will he back out?

Elsewhere, Bianca is missing following the assault on Connor. Ricky fears that she must have been responsible and wonders what he should tell the police. However, while he's being quizzed by a policeman, the officer gets a call and hears that Carol has confessed to the attack. Although she's not telling the truth, Carol believes that she should take the blame as the situation is all her fault. Ricky and Max agree to go along with the lie and also tell the police that Bianca is in New Zealand with Pat. However, the police later arrive again, telling Ricky and Max that Connor has identified Bianca as his assailant.

Also today, Roxy tells Christian not to put off discussing the idea of a baby with Syed for any longer; Kat rejects Mo's request to move into The Vic, even after Mo promises to sub-let the Slaters' and give Kat a cut of the profits; Patrick and Kim set up camp outside the Argee Bhajee with a boot-full of alcohol to sell as the restaurant has no alcohol licence; and when Christian asks Syed about the idea of a family, he receives a frustrated response as Syed insists that it's not the right time.

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