Monday 17 January 2011

Eastenders spoiler: Airs on Friday, January 21 2011 20:00 GMT on BBC One

Sonia arrives informing Carol that Bianca is with her in a B&B in London, and is in a complete mess.Still worried over the situation with Bianca, Ricky leaves her another message, begging her to come home as they can get her a good lawyer. Ricky, Jack, Max and Carol all wonder what they should do, but their family meeting is interrupted when there's a knock on the door. Their surprise visitor is Sonia, who informs them that Bianca has been staying with her at a B&B in London. However, she admits that Bianca is in a bad state. Ricky decides that they should get Bianca abroad and allow her to lie low, but he soon hears from Sonia that Bianca has decided that she wants to give herself up as it's the right thing to do. Accepting her decision, Ricky tells the kids that Bianca has to go to prison.

Sonia soon reveals that she has split up with Martin and that she now lives in London with Rebecca. The news surprises Carol, but Sonia explains that the split happened at the same time as Billie's death so she didn't want to trouble her with the news. Later, Carol accompanies Bianca to the police station as she prepares to hand herself in.

Meanwhile, Zainab wants to obtain a liquor licence for the Argee Bhajee and consults Masood over the idea. Masood agrees as it makes sense for the business, but he insists that the licence must not be in his name. Zainab also consults Denise about how to handle Tamwar following his recent behaviour. Denise advises that disapproving of his relationship with Afia will only make their feelings stronger.

Elsewhere, Tamwar pays a visit to Syed and asks if he can stay for a while. Confiding in his brother, Syed explains about how Christian wants them to have a baby. As he explains the situation, Syed finally comes to a decision...

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