Tuesday 18 January 2011


I got my iphone today! I'm so excited, I hope the world don't end in 2012 :P I have my contract till then lol. I love my iphone I've had an i touch for a long while now so I know how to use iphones, I got all my apps well excited =P Made sure I got my angry birds I completed it before but new device got to start again :(

I'm going college tomorrow, should be fun being able to use my internet at lunch and not be vex it is going mad slow like my blackberry did, I've lost all my numbers though, only number saved is my daddies and that is because I know it off head and called him to let him know I had got my iphone xD

I bet my 3 year old brother will be well excited, he knows how to use iphones and stuff and loves playing with my dads and my i touch he will love my iphone playing all my games and winning! Hes totally awesome my little brother <3 I love him so much. So special to me even though he can be a right little git kicking me and fighting, he likes to be a snitch and tell dad I'm not sharing lol I'm like I'm an adult leave me alone Jayden, he won't he loves his big sister :)

I'm not really in the mood for a real update today, just wanted to say hey ;) and send me your numbers and ping chats... My ping chat is: Leeshastarr add me, even if we are not real friends add me and we can become friends okay? ;)

Lots of love and kisses to you beautiful <3

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