Sunday 9 January 2011

Sunday Night

I didn't wake up today till 4:30pm, I really just needed a long ass sleep, my mum did keep waking me but I don't listen I say yes and then go back to bed lol I think I only woke up at that time because mum had done some dinner, I had one pork chop, 5 smallish sized potatoes (is that how you spell it when it is more than one potato?) anyway I had some carrots and some cabbage! LUSH Dinner :) 

While having dinner we watched "Coach Trip" an old one, and mum and I decided to apply for it! *Wish Us Luck* About an hour after dinner mum did us some B&J Ice cream :) YAY :D
I am still on my diet don't worry people I'll be working this meal off and more tomorrow at the gym after college :) I finish college at 6 so I only have 2 hours in the gym because they close at 9! I don't want to be like the last person to leave and stuff ;)

So tomorrow I have a client, well I hope I get a client, then that means I have like 4 more clients or something till I fully 110% finish my Facial part :) We are also doing Fake Lashes tomorrow! I honestly can't wait for fake lashes, I love love love them! I got English tomorrow too and I hate English it is so boring and I'm so good at English and I feel so bored in class :(
So it is 8:30pm and I'm going for a nice lovely long ass bath around 9ish I just can't wait to lay in the bath for an hour, wash my hair and shave my legs xD 

Night everyone xx

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