Saturday 8 January 2011

Typical Weeked

I did in-fact write up yesterday that I was planning on going gym today at around 9am, well it flopped I didn't fall asleep till gone 4am so I put my phone on snooze about 10 times next thing I woke up at 12pm! Once I got up I got washed dressed and didn't bother with my hair, just tied it up knowing I was going to wash it after gym, I got there for about half 1 and it was closed! I was so pissed off! I had got all the way to Oxford St from Bermondsey for them to be not open! 

I then got on a bus to Waterloo and got a bus to my grandad's house and met my mum there, after spending an hour or some there we got a lift home. On the way home we went to the chicken shop and I pigged out on 2 chicken and chips. I know that is totally off my diet but I hadn't eaten yet and I was so hungry I just didn't care! All I've eaten today is the chicken and chips that was about 5pm and I'm still totally full up! I need a drink though :) 

I'm bored right now it is 6:40 and I'm watching Total Wipe Out BBC1 I think, makes me lol at the people falling, I love pain pain makes me happy :D lol

I'll go now I'm sure I'm a right bore ;)

Bye xx

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