Wednesday 19 January 2011

What an awesome day

Today I'm not going to write much, but please know I won't be writing much this whole weekend till Saturday or Sunday. I'm sorry I'm busy with family stuff :)

Today has been more than awesome one of the best days of my life, deffo best day of this year! 
It all started when I had a full nights sleep last night, waking up feeling great, I turned over and saw my beautiful iphone, smiled and jumped up out of bed! I got ready for college and got to college, it was a good ride to college today, nothing annoying. I got to college to be told we are doing all eye treatments, so I got my lashes done, brows done. I was very pleased, after that I did Sara and it was lunch time.

Me and Sara went to Subway for lunch, had a subway, free cookie and drink. Very lovely. We then went back to class as we had a waxing talk, I ended up cutting my finger on my glass mirror getting bored and leaving, bumping into my teacher on the way, had a little gossip and then we all went on a shopping trip to Soho (if you don't know Soho it is a sex area in London, where lot of hookers are, porn shops and stuff like that, China town is also there and so is Sally's a shop that does beauties supplies) At Sally's we got our cards for discount and then our wonderful teacher got us all nail polishes, I got a bright pink and a black, I got myself the black using my discount card.

We then walked to Picadilly, from there we went carnaby st (NEXT TO MY COLLEGE) went to the make-up shop I found a great Matte foundation that I will buy, it is £21! We then walked sort of half way back to Soho and went to a make-up shop where we all signed up to do a course, I'd love love love to do the drag Queen make-up I think they are totally awesome. We then walked back going to MAC the make-up shop and soon on to college again, this all took about 2 hours; Once back in college I had a super easy test. I'm sure I passed ;) and I painted my nails. The test lasted two hours and then we finished college. I got my new make-up kit and got an easy bus home. I love my new iphone, the whole way I was playing all these games on my apps! 

I'm now in my pjs, watching body builders at 60 or something, it looks weird, I'm sure I've seen it before. I get a lovely rest today, as I'm only going dads tomorrow now, not going gym as I'm in pain from all the walking today! lol 

Looking forward to the normal Family Guy/BBC3 thing :)

Night everyone x