Monday 14 February 2011

Day 02 - My Love

My Love <3

Hey everyone, happy Valentine's day! I hope everyone is had a wonderful day with their loved ones, friend and/or family. I had a great time in college with the girls, got my bikini done, I was going for a Hollywood... And the girls got the wax stuck and I was crying :( Had to take like 4 people to get the wax off me :( I'm still in so much pain! Not even funny my moo hurts, I'm scared about going in the bath, it may hurt :( I'll shave the rest of my hair off as I can't have a patchy moo! xD

So about my love... <3
Jazzieefizzleeee <3 

I love this girl so much, words can honestly not even say how much I love and adore this beautiful latina princess! She isn't just my world she is my life! I can't even go an hour without texting her or pinging her. We are best friends and she is also my baby girl <3 

I love her because she has a beautiful soul, she have a beautiful smile and she is the only person in this world that can honestly make me always smile, don't get me wrong we have had our little fights before but I just love her so damn much! My beautiful Latina Maria ;D

Jazzmine Maria Garcia <3 



Much Love__x

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