Tuesday 15 February 2011

Day 03 - My family

Family <3

Hey everyone, Just saying Hi before I start talking about my family :)
I hope you have all had a lush day, I have. I spent most of the day in the bath :)
I didn't even eat till I went out for a meal with family, I totally didn't even notice I hadn't eaten or drank anything. Diet is going well ;) 
Starting my new gym next Tuesday, totally looking forward to it! 
I'll go now, well not go but I'll now talk about family... <3

So really I don't talk to my family much, I have my mum, dad, step-mum little brother and my grandad... All the rest of my family I stay clear of, I'm not a person people, I'm very anti-social to people I don't have love for, if I fully don't love you I will be very anti-social to you, that is just the way I am, not sure why I just am... 

My little half-brother is my world, I love him even when he is being a little booger! He kicks, hits, fights with me and tells dad I've done things wrong when I've not but he is still my little world. My little brother is only three years old right now, his birthday is ONE week before mine, he is the 20th I'm 27th. 

My dad I love him, I've never been that close to my daddie as he left me when I was little for my step-mum, we still saw each other then when my little brother was born that all stopped, two years later we became friends again and I love him more than ever, me and my dad are not like super close but I'm deffo a daddies little princess, I'll always be his first born and I'm sure he loves me more than my little brother ;D  

My mum, is my world, its always been just me and her, from when I was a baby till this day, we always fight on a daily basis but I still love her so much, I can honestly say she is wonderful, she pisses me off all the time, I hate me, she makes me angry, I want to swear at her and kick her and sometimes kill her for the way she treats me at time but I love her so much, I'd love to just leave this house stop the daily fights but I'd miss her too much :( I know if I do leave we will become closer because she and I get along more when we are not with each other all day... We like our space from each other I feel... 

I'll go now, 

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