Wednesday 16 February 2011

Day 04 - College

College :)

I'm in college right now, so lucky for me the topic was also college :)

I'm sitting in ICT at the moment using my quota time to do my little blog, so far college is going well for me, done waxing, did my friends bikini and later I'll finish it...

I'm bored right now though, I got so stressed out doing the waxing and now I'm so bludi bored, I hate English, Ict && maths... I've not even started math yet and I know I already hate it... It really is the downside to doing beauty you have to be a smart ass too ;( atleast I get somemore GCSE's with it or whatever, just wish it was Alevels :( I wish I did my Alevels along side beauty... I know I could of done so well!

I'm going to go now because I'm sure my teacher will clock I'm not doing any work, I'm just jamming on blogger ;D
I also need to check my email b4 quota runs out


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