Saturday 19 February 2011

Day 07 - My best friend

Sorry I've not blogged in two says and missed out say 05 && 06! I'm ever so sorry guys, I've been working really hard and stuff and I've been so sleepy when I come to my laptop I can't even type anything, I'd of fallen asleep at the laptop :( 

My driving has been going really well, and so has college and work... done lots and lots of waxing this week! wow alot! 

DAY 07 - My Bestfriend

I'm currently sitting here with my bestfriend... As we do every weekend we meet up on Friday night or Saturday, hang out all weekend, normally staying at her house or mine... Mines boring though :( lol 
so if you haven't guess already my bestfriend is my ayia napa buddy... AMY ;D

I love this chickadee alot... I'm typing and hope she don't think of looking at my laptop xD She is playing my DSi the one I was going to sell, she is well addicted to my R4 card xD playing all the games and bloody completing them ¬___¬ 

Anyway she is my bestfriend because 

• She get my crazeeness
• She understands me without me even talking
• We can annoy and abuse each other and we are still friends
• I can kill her and she would still be alive to annoy me =P
• We are more like sisters that God gave to two mums && dads xD
• We have known each other from when we was little babys
• We can make up silly songs and sounds and still understand each other xD
• We can giggle at anything!
• She makes me smile when the day is boring
• She is all round awesome
• She smells like poop but I can still hug her ;D
• I like to use her so I can get to her dog :P
• She is like family to me
• If she died I'd kill myself to be with her
• She is abusing me now and all we do is giggle
• She allows me to abuse her with Nail varnish (private joke)
• When I say "I Hate You" she knows I'm kidding and says she loves me too..
• We are like two pees in a pod :P
• If she wasn't my bestfriend I'd of killed myself years ago! 

I love Amy Green-Watts <3

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