Monday 21 February 2011

Day 09 - Reasons behind why I'm doing this

Day 09 - Reasons behind why I'm doing this

I've really not been keeping to this whole having to write a blog a day, I'm ever so sorry people :( I've really not been in the mood to blog, I've secretly not been taking my meds and it has hit me hard! I feel depressed so much, I feel low and I could really kill someone right now... I've been feeling my only way out is to die or hurt someone/something... Really not feeling it this week. Already I just want to hide away in my bedroom and no go college, gym, hospital and stuff. I just want to sleep away the pain, I took my meds last night hopefully they will kick in some time soon... I've only skipped a week not much and I'm not sure if taking the meds even work... Is it all in my head or are they really working?? ;\ Am I just a depressed little girl?

So the reasons behind me blogging are: I'm not really sure, I just wanted to blog a little bit more... I hardly had anything to say on my last set of blogging so I really wanted to blog about something... :)

anyweays I'm in class so bye now :)


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