Wednesday 23 February 2011

Heyy everyone :) Quick and little update... I'm in college in my last lesson I finish at 6 :) Can't wait to be going home. I need some sleep man! Tomorrow should be well lush! Driving and then spending time with Amy :) My beautiful big'ed ;D

For a while I cba to do this whole blog a day thing... May just pick a few topics and do them... I really just don't have time for the whole blogging these days, I get home from college/work I jumped on Facebook for a while, play my bimbo go on myspace look at my stats on here and go offline, really not fussed about all this :(

I totally just had a day-ja-vu however you spell it... As I was typing that last part someone in my class said something and I swear I can remember them saying that as I typed them words... :S If you get what I mean...?

I've been job hunting today for a new salon for my work exp for in a few weeks college make us do it so I've been looking haven't found a decent shop though...

Anyway I'ma go now and when I get home I'll jazz this up a little and add some new pictures


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