Friday 4 February 2011

I always talk about my college and how much I love it but half of you haven't even seen what my college looks like! Here is a picture, this is our main salon, this is where we do our clients, Its all posh and stuff ;) the bed is electrical and they have calm music playing in the background to relax you ;)

 this is my college, I was sitting on the chair behind the bed and took the picture, this is where the client will lay and relax while getting the facial, eye treatment, wax, anything else ;)

 This is the trolley and mag lamp and some of the products I used on the facial, I got bored waiting for my client so I took lots of pictures lol

I took this picture about two hours ago, I look semi-awful but what they hayy said I'd upload a new picture didn't I? ;)

My sexy blue top ;)


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