Friday 4 February 2011

Home Alone

Right now I'm home alone, as mum has gone Asda so I've got Kiss FULL BLAST Listening to Whip My Hair !! I'm on webcam on chatroulette I have to lol at these sad people who you go on cam to and all you see is their penis! Its just like :O Put it away you freak! I'm here to talk not sex you ! looool

My driving went really well today, paid £210 to my teacher so it will last me till I need to take my test :) Looking forward to my test. I'll be screaming if I pass! lol best believe I'll have a whole blog page of me screaming saying I passed. I'd kill myself if I fail :( lol 

I think I'm going to see Amy bum tomorrow :) Should be fun love spending time with my bestie <3 Maybe me and her can go on chatroulette and have fun laughing at these freaks... Here is a picture of me on chatroulette I look awful though this was like 2am this morning lol 
if you use it keep an eye out for me, you never know we could get matched together on cam ;) but please no sexual stuff lol I'm not in the mood ;D

I'm feeling low now, because my song has finished :( I'm sitting here in my gym outfit, I really love it. The colour is awesome... I'll upload a picture later but for now have this old one of me in the gym outfit ;D I just love the blue colour! I've got the top on aswell the blue top and a plain white tee because I love my white tees :)
I'm going now my beauties, I'll update later with a decent update ;D 


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