Thursday 3 February 2011


I'm not sure how many of you have seen this girls videos on Youtube, I just found her today, I've never listened to her singing and my fav song and has been from when Cher Lloyd sang it on X-factor is "Turn My Swag On" Keri Hilson one, but I don't like her singing it I like the cover one by someone from Youtube, she makes it sound awesome, I can listen to the song on replay forever. I'm madly in-love with the song. Anyway back on topic, I found this girl (the video will be under my text) and I was like "err okay, I don't like this so far" but I'm not the type to judge so I kept listening and it got worse for me, to me she killed my song! My next best song is "Cooler Than Me" Mike Posner and I saw she had done a cover so I looked and within the first 20 seconds of the song I HAD to cut it off! I paused the video and look at the comments people had made, maybe its my ears I was thinking so I looked and everyone was so up her ass, saying she should do Pixie Lott and how she is amazing and I wanted someone well anyone to help me, do I just not know music? Or is she as bad as I feel she is? I'd love some comments, you all should have my email or my Facebook let me know... Because to me she is one of the worse singers on Youtube but let me know @leeshastarr for twitter, /leeshastarr for bebo && Facebook. 


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