Saturday 3 September 2011


Hey guys; 

Today has been a bit of a boring day really, woke up around 1pm after not going to sleep till 4am. I got up has a wash and stuck on the first things I could get my hands on, this being a white T and leggings. I sat and watched TV, turned on my laptop and hanged out for a while, mum come home around 3ish and made me a ham roll :) I ate my ham roll but for some reason I just didn't like it! I watched Jeremy Kyle with mum like always and the real housewives of New York or something like that then holiday showdown, around 5ish I ordered a pizza hut via the net and went to pick it up while dropping mum off at Bingo. Hmmm nice hot Pizza! 

 I now had the house to myself, I was planning on putting Kiss 100 full blast and dancing around the room naked like a pixie but that didn't happen :( I put on a film and I was hooked. I couldn't stop watching I even cried a little. It was only a PG film and there was me crying like a fishstick! ¬_¬ 
I then sat and watched things on the TV till mum come home then we watched Eastenders, Big Brother, Corrie, and coach trip. Now I'm watching Rude Tube and then My name is Earl. 
Tomorrow I will go shopping, I need new things for college. I need new jeans, leggings, boots, dr martins and tops. Looking forward to my trip tomorrow although I have no idea where I shall go. :( Maybe Lewisham... 

I will now update my blog by deleting on stupid posts and things like that... 

Good night world. 

Hugs && Kisses @ You <3 

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