Saturday 3 September 2011

... Update

Good evening or morning my beautiful beautiful readers!! How's things been? I've not blogged in over 3 months which I am very and I mean very sorry about... Here is a little update about my life then I'll write an update about today <3 Hope all my readers come back to me and know I am VERY sorry and I've been uber busy!

I will start with I've been Ayia Napa!! :) 
Yeah I went, it was epic! I had a great time and totally miss Napa now! Two weeks of sun, sea and NO sex ;) well not sex for me anyway :P I'll post some Napa pictures at the end of this post. We went on a booze cruise, bar crawl, drank a shit load of booze, danced, had fights, had fun and slept the day away by the pool. I got an epic sun tan!!

I'm no longer a beauty student ;) I've passed my beauty and I'm now a resort rep student, I've applied for a few jobs, waiting on replies and stuff. I'm also working in Ayia Napa from July - September this year (I hope) if not I'll be on a girls holiday for two weeks. I've made some contacts in Napa who I still talk to VIA Facebook and text who said they can get me a job, I've decided I'ma loose some weight and become a shots girl or bar work. I've already got just under £100 saved, it will be about £800 for a month living in Napa with flights and so on, I'll take a little more money and then the rest will be from work. :) I'm so glad I got talking to reps and stuff out in Napa! 

I've also quit my diet and going gym, things happened in my life just before Napa (my depression come back very strong) so I quit things, while in Napa I lost just under a stone! I hardly ate in Napa as I had no money so I lost alot, we also danced and walked so I lost so much weight. I've totally put it on now though, I've been eating alot. 

Thats all that is really NEW and big in my life.. .I'll let you know more about my life as it goes on. I'll update daily now and so on with loads of pictures and stuff. I'll try anyway I get lazy because I have to send them from my iphone to Facebook or Twitter then from there to here. 

See you soon; with a blog about today well yesterday now because it is gone Midnight...

Hugs&&Kisses to you <3

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