Saturday 10 September 2011


I'm wide awake right now watching "White Men Can't Jump" I LOVE This film. Its just on a break so I wanted to update. I'll go bed soonish around 4am it is currently 2:03am :) I will upload new pictures tomorrow of my red/plum hair. 

I'll take them once I get dressed and so on. Next weekend I'm going clubbing for a friends birthday in Soho (yes the sex place in London) I'm so looking forward to it. I need some eyelash glue. I gave mine to someone in college and I never got it back so now I am glueless. I refuse to pay the stupid prices for DUO like $7 so I won't I ordered a glue from Hong Kong now I will wait. I know it will not come before Friday so I'm looking for someone to borrow me some glue. You cant go out without lashes. Thats just no good. ;) I will try on my LBD later and see how it looks with my new heels. I can totally walk in them now and dance. I've been dancing around my room like a pixie in heels. Now I know how the celebs do it. Before I couldn't but really it isn't hard ;)

I better go now though because this is kind of boring me now hehe
I will write later with pictures ;)

Night beautiful!

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