Wednesday 14 September 2011


 Hey everyone! 

Hope your okay and so on... I'm sorry I have not blogged been so fucking busy it ain't even funny. I've had college on Monday, today I slept in till 2PM. I really needed it man I was mad sleepy!

Right now I am watching Awkward. I love this show I hate the fact it is only once a week. :( Only 3rd EP and I'm addicted ;)
I can't wait till college on Friday 9am - around 12/1 then I get to have a rest before I go clubbing the night away in Soho ;)
Two weeks today is my birthday ;) TOTALLY Looking forward to it. Meal and party. Ofc a SHITLOAD of vodka ;D I will be getting a tattoo too. I hope I can get it after college but depends on the time I finish college. fingers crossed I finish college uber early and not the 5pm that it should finish. 

I will buy my new atlas on Friday it is £35 !! :O 
but it will help me in the year. I'll also pay off for Thorpe Park which is next month on the 19th so about a month away. 

Bye for now...
Here are two pictures of my hair. 

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