Wednesday 21 September 2011

New Update

Hello sweeties, how are you today? 
I am so sorry I have not updated in a while. I'm a naughty blogger at times. I've been so busy with college. I've had two assignments to do I've not even had a full week at college! 

Over the weekend I went to my dad's house to see my little brother and him ofc. My little brother was 4 yesterday (20th) Happy Birthday Little Beast ;) While I was at my daddies we went for a nice dinner in Harrow (North London) we also went in the Disney Store, I saw 'Perry The Platypus' I WANT HIM! hehe. I love it. He was something like £18 :( STUPID PRICE if you ask me! I'd pay around £7 for him if I could...

 Right now I am watching 'Come Dine With Me' while mum is using my phone to her friend. I can hardly hear the TV over her mouth! ^__^ (hope she never reads this) ;) Soon I will watch Simpsons and eat dinner, I think we are having chicken. I always watch Simpsons even though I have seen them all.. I hardly watch Family Guy anymore, I'm always sleeping around 11/12 these days, I fall asleep on the sofa after college each day! I hardly do anything in college and I come home like a zombie. I have alot of short days. 9:30 - 2:30 ish thats a beautiful day I finish at 4:30 on Friday but I know we will leave around 3:30 or something. We don't have much work to do as it is just the start of the year..

Next Tuesday my last lesson is not taking place because the teacher will not be in, we are expected to go to the library and do the lesson alone. I'ma do the work at home so on Tuesday I can go home at 12:30 because it is my birthday! :) Less than one week till my birthday now. I am very excited. I can't wait!

I will go get a tattoo on Tuesday. I have an idea what I like I'll post a pictures under this for you. I want this tattoo because if you don't know already I have depression, and I want to look down and remember to believe in myself and keep smiling. I find it so hard to believe in myself. It will be very meaningful to me. It should only cost me £30 which is super cool. I'll go to his tattoo shop where I got my tragus done. I already emailed them so I will call them tomorrow and book my slot for Tuesday. Its only tiny I shouldn't have to book an appointment but I do want to make sure they are open and so on... I don't want to turn up and they can't to it because I'll be well upset! xD 

I think I will get mine higher up to me this look stupid so I would like it higher.

I'll go now. 
Bye Sweeties <3 

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