Friday 30 September 2011

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Hey hunnies

Hope you all had a great day, what bangin' weather here in the UK.
I'm not going to do a big blog tonight and I MAY not blog for a little while. Tomorrow I am at college and will find out about moving out of my house here with mum. I'm looking to move into a hostel by Monday. I may never get a house of my own but a hostel will have to do for now. I'll then look about signing on and getting jobs seekers or whatever. I am a students but I get no money and I can't live in a hostel with NO money... 

Anyways, I've just ditched a shit load of things, old skirts, tops, jeans and so on. I don't need them and if I am moving I don't want to be in 'my' bedroom looking for things to take with me if I don't need em. I'll sort out knickers and socks and stuff in the morning so all I have is things I need in the room. I don't even know if I can have a hostel, they may tell me to live on the streets for a few weeks. I'm an adult and they don't want me. I wish I moved out when I was 17, they would have got me somewhere and I'd get a better hostel by now! 

I must dash, college at 9:30am and I need to look up things.

Night hunnies.

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