Saturday 1 October 2011


Hey sweeties. 
PINCH PUNCH FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH... I'll allow you to return ;)

Yesterday I went to the pub with a couple of girls, I didn't drink too much though so I am not hungover or anything today, I don't even get drunk but I was making sure yesterday. I went in my handbag to look in my mirror and cut my finger, now today I am milkin the pain =P haha keep moaning but it isn't that bad really. It does hurt mind. I was in the bath and I was washing (as you do) and soap got in the cut and I wasn't happy, that did hurt. 12 hours later and it was still bleeding you know. So much blood. xD

I really want to shave my leg because Hello kitty is getting hairy! :( I hate hairy legs and stuff like that it makes me feel sick and seeing my baby girl (kitty) hairy is driving me crazy! I can not stand hair. If I was to be in a long term relationship with a man I'd make then shave or something or I'd never touch them! EVER! hehehe Here are a few new pictures of my hairy tat. Taken recently. 

Can you see how hairy she is? I have shaved around her but my razer is too big to shave her face at the moment. I want to wax it off or something. We will see what happens soon ;)

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