Tuesday 27 September 2011

Happy birthday me

Happy birthday to me

Hey everyone, hope you are all well. 
I've just got home from a great night out. My BEST birthday EVERY!

I woke up around 7am ready for college, I got into college around 9am and sat around till 9:30, I had ICT, work skills and then Travel and tourism. ICT was great, super easy. I totally forgot how to do formula on Excel and was well excited when I remembered. xD It was only level 1 so dead easy work. After ICT I went to work skills and all we did was learn some stuff about T&T used the net to look things up about 20th century T&T and about WW2. After that it was lunch, I went to the food court with a few girls in my class and eat some rice. After lunch I was feeling really ill, I did think I was ill but turns out it was nerves, I then had T&T where we left at 2:15, I am glad we left early my belly was in knots! I then jumped the bus to Lee and got my tattoo done. After than I walked up to Eltham and got my bus home which took forever on a packed bus, went ASDA got cream for my tat and come home, had a shower, washed my hair and got changed. I then left for Wetherspoons with mum and her friend. I ate a BBQ melt thing. THE FIRST time I remember to bring ID with me to wetherspoons and they DON'T ask me for ID :@ :( I was well upset! haha Before I asked for cake and they asked for ID! ¬__¬ 
About my tattoo.
I got it done around 2:40, I got it done in Tattooooze in Lee by the shop owner, I LOVE the shop and would recommend anyone who asked about it. I love my tat SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much, I didn't expect it to look as cool as it does, everyone in the shop was saying saying how cool it looked and how cute, at the bus stop people said it looked so cool and I was well chuffed, people on the street was stopping me and telling me they like my tattoo, mum said its nice so now I need to show my dad next weekend or whenever I am in North London. I am happy with my tattoo and NO you can not bring me down about it!

I only have 30 mins left of my birthday, but roll on next year I say.

Night everyone.
P.S pictures from birthday tomorrow <3

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