Wednesday 28 September 2011


 I love Lee Nelson, I watch him every week WITH OUT FAIL. He cracks me up. Plus I believe he is from Bermondsey and that is where I am from / live ;)
I did have tickets to see him live but I come home from Ayia Napa and the tickets where for the next day and I totally forgot, I had so much drama in my life that week and it is a total shame. I will make sure I do get tickets and I do see him because I love him so much. My little chav ;) 

I was super happy to get a reply from him! < 3
I did hope to get one from NDUBZ too much I write to them every day and get nothing. Not sure if they are stuck up or just dont see my tweets... 

I'ma take down my ndubz background on Twitter, I don't like them anymore! #JustSaying
 Today in South Kensington I found these, I am not really a Nando's. No correction, I HATE Nando's lol its awful in my eyes but I decided to get these and see what everyone is on about, they was pretty yummy, nothing great but okay. They was a little spicy I did need some drink with them so remember that before you try them ;)
 I wrote this in the natural history museum, "I'm bald and you got a pulse" I did want it to say "I'm bald and you've got a pulse" but I couldn't find a VE or a have. I made loads of funny things, I have pictures but they are on Facebook :) Sorry hunniebunnies. I had super good fun today at the natural history museum with Sara. We saw how animals have sex xD haha
 Her is me and Sara in one of the funny mirrors in the natural history museum. I look MASSIVE :( But remember this is one of them fun house mirrors. I am wearing a pink cardi from MATALAN, White T from ASDA and Hareem pants from Littlewoods and I can't forget my PB pink bag. Thank you daddy (one of my birthday presents)
 My tattoo taken today around 4 hours ago. It has started to scab a little and is very itchy. It is so damn hard not scratching the fuck out of it. I try and think happy things. It is annoying me the fact I can not soak it in a bath, showers for me till I feel ready to soak it. I hardly slept last night, I was so scared to put it on my bed haha was scared my bed was dirty and would infect it haha. I'm such a little nerd. I loved showing it off, more people was looking at it today and saying how they love it. Everyone seems to want my new tattoo haha. Remember I got it from Tattooooze in Lee (London) They are a great shop.  Give them a call if you want a tattoo. Tell them the hello kitty girl sent you =P haha maybe I'll get discount on my next one ;) haha
 Today in the natural history museum I found out how a baby was born ;) I watched the video from the sperm going into the egg till a baby pops out. AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT!!!! 
I found out at 2weeks or 3weeks I can't remember which one a HEART is made. So when people are aborting their "its a cell not a baby" it is in fact a baby. Well in my eyes a baby. Because what cell in your body has a heartbeat!? So before you are about to abort your "cell" remember it has a heart and your about to break it. also remember your not now un pregnant, you are now just a mother of a dead child! :)
 This was in the natural history museum. I love my Sara. She is a great girl, she is so funny. She is a super lovely friend and I miss her. It was so nice to meet up with her today because I've not seen her in a while. We are planning to go back to the natural history museum and see the rest of it, we didn't get far because we was well happy in the sex part (which is where this is) it ends the 2nd of Oct, it costs £4 for students. (you need proof)
Mmmm Smirnoff. This wasn't that nice to be honest with you all but I do love myself a vodka mixer. It was £1.99 in my local shop. You will need ID as it is vodka even if it is only 4% I will try different ones and let you all know how they taste and if they are worth the £2 :)

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