Wednesday 28 September 2011

What happen today

Today I woke up around 11am and jammed in bed with my eyes semi closed for just under an hour, I woke up and had a wash and blah blah... come into the front room sat and spoke with mum for a little while. Around 2pm I washed my hair and left for the doctors with mum, I went shop and them got the bus to South Kensington where I met up with Sara a friend of mine from my old college. We went to the natural history museum, we paid £4 each (because we are students) and went into the sex exhibit. We saw how animals mate and so on, it was funny. I found out some really cool facts, after looking around we went to the shop and them to the Human Bio, which I love. I love all that cool stuff. I found out how babies are made ;) which I totally didn't know before the museum :P it was then about 6pm and the museum was closing :( We went for a lust Chinese, £5.50 for 3 things, I got noodles, rice and sweet and sour chicken, it was pretty damn nice tbh. After  Chinese we went to the train station to catch our trains home, I got back to Lambeth North and had to wait nearly 15 mins for a fucking bus. I was not impressed at all!! I got home and watched Awkward, Teen Dad and Waterloo Road... Now I'm watching Big Brother :) 

During Waterloo Road I went all cold and felt sick, I had it in my head she was going to get raped. I am so happy she didn't. I felt so ill.

Anyway I better leave now. 

Bye hunnies <3

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