Tuesday 6 September 2011

( o Y o )

Hey sweetpeas, had no time to blog today, I woke up around noon got washed and dressed I then went shopping with my mum. I was looking for trainers and boots for college but that failed today. I got two birthday cards, one for my grandad and one for my wee monster aka my little brother. My grandad's birthday is the 9th and my brothers is the 20th. (One week before my birthday) It will be hard this month I can feel it already. I have £60 that I have put down for my girls holiday with a few friends next year so I have just £50 left to spend. I have to buy a college book £32 or something then pay for a college trip £20 so that is £52 and I need to buy a few gifts for my brother PLUS eat while I'm at college, buy things to wear to college and it is only the 6th!! I will ask mum not to buy me anything this year and just give me money and give me it asap I don't care if I have nothing to open on my birthday they are always shit and fail anyway.

I'm not in a great mood really but I won't bore you and I won't allow haters to feel happy about my pain! So FUCK YOU FUCK FACE C.U.N.T !! ;D

bye for now.

NO PICTURES for you today :)

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