Monday 5 September 2011

red hair

 I dyed my hair today! :D I had to go blonde then purple. I went Asda around midday and this come to £12 4 each item. (all on sale) I got mine from Asda Old Kent Road.

I started with the blonde (clearly) ;)

 This is my hair taking to the blonde, some parts better than others, please remember my hair has been blonde many times before, I've been red, purple, blonde, brown and black

 it went a little ginger in places but who cares I'm going over it. This was after a wash and condition. Some parts went so blonde you couldn't tell the difference with my head and hair haha I was like OMG I'm bald!! haha
 This is some of the blonde, you can see it didn't all take! Its a shame but I can now have red highlights..
 With the purple/red hair dye on. My mum done it for me took two bottles. My head was really burning because I had cuts from scratching my head but I got through it ;)

Just after me washing my hair. Really poor lighting, picture tomorrow with good camera and good lighting. All pics r from my i phone.

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