Wednesday 26 October 2011


Hey hotties!

Hope you are well today, such shitty weather here in the UK today, I did plan to go cinema today but the weather wasn't too good, not loving the rain right now. Today I woke up around 11am because I didn't go sleep till 3am, I watched American Dad x2, The Big Bang Theory x2 and South Park and then listened to music, I fell asleep listening to my music and woke up with my headphones on the floor. Damn I must move around ALOT. hehe 

I haven't done much today, I only went bank in the car and got a chicken burger from the local shop, it was beautiful, they do real chicken in their buglers not that fake shit like Mcd! A real chicken breast inside the bun, I love it I only eat the chicken though never eat the bun for some reason. I always dissect my food I am not sure why, I can never just eat a burger, I have to eat the inside, one bun with lettuce and hope I have enough for the other bun if not I don't eat the other bun then I eat the chips (if I have chips) I have really weird eating habits. DID YOU KNOW: I can not eat one type of PASTA? It makes me feel sick, I have to have a mixture of colour and types. I've been this way for a while with pasta, I couldn't even get it while eating out I would want to cry. I ALWAYS mix my pasta. I CAN eat only one type but I feel like I am having a breakdown and don't really feel like eating it, it makes me want to puke. I am not sure why. Maybe it is a fear of one type of pasta? haha I wasn't this way when I was little... I like the pasta shells and bows. THE BEST PASTA. :D

This picture was taken the other day after I cooked my cakes, that is why I have cake mix on my top. I like to lick the cake mix hehe 

Here is one new picture, I will be posting again very soon. <3

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