Wednesday 26 October 2011

I re-pierced my ears :)

Around 12am last night / this morning I was watching American Dad and finding it really boring so I painted my toes and looked for something better to do, I come around my little kit, my gun to pierce ears and my needles to do lips. I used one of the ear rings to see if my holes in my ears are still open and they are not :( so I got my gun and done them again. :D Here are a few pictures. =) 

 my gun loaded with an earring (yes they are real ugg boots) ;)
 one ear done.
 2nd ear done.

 messing around :)
 needle for lip rings :)
 Needle again :) this has been binned now because it isn't clean now.
 Wondering if I should re do my belly, I've taken it out and it has closed up. I'd love to have it done again! I miss playing with it.
 My little kit.
 lip bar.
 my ears all red after... so worth the pain though. :)

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