Wednesday 5 October 2011


 Hey everyone, hope you are all well :)
So sorry I haven't wrote a blog in a few days, been busy, I've wanted to write but I couldn't be bothered. I've had so much college work to do, I'm going on holiday on Sunday so I needed to do all my work by Friday for college. I'm currently doing a powerpoint presentation on Virgin Galactic.
 here is a picture of it so far, I've not done too much but I'm just working for a pass I don't want a merit that is too much like hard work for me right now. I'm fed up with all this work work work right now. Had so many things to do.
I went to get a RedBull the other day after college (Monday) and they charged me £2.50! It was beautiful but wtf with £2.50 

My birthday balloon is up on the stairs, no one could reach it. Unless your like 20ft tall ;) haha but today it come down and I think mum has kicked it out the door :( my poor little baby balloon!
 This is a picture of me on Monday, the sun had gone and it was a beautiful cold day, jeans, tee and over sized hoody and ofc my PINK bag :) I look a little scary haha but it is a picture in the bus glass mirror. It was around 10 in the morning, I decided that every day I post I will post a new picture from that day so you get new pictures daily. I really will try my best to upload pictures and blog but I am sorry if I can not blog, I have a super and I mean super busy life. I'm hardly on Facebook and stuff. I only update from my mobile. Busy busy life aye :(
 My tat last friday, super hot weather here in London and I had my summer trainers on. damn my leg looks fat! :( My tat is coming along now. BUT I'm going on holiday and don't want it to fade. :( apparently I'm not allowed to go swimming so I'm going to get a waterproof plaster and stuff and hope for the best. I will have some freaky tan lines when I get home :( haha
 Some pina colada, I love the stuff! Beautiful man just beautiful! ;)
Picture of me yesterday, I look awful really. I was wearing my ASDA Breast Cancer top, Tickled Pink. My red hair isn't looking so red is it. :( which totally sucks because I want RiRi red hair. 

Last month I got some eyelash thing from ebay, it come and was alot smaller than expected and came with scratches and shit. I wasn't pleased so complained they wanted to give me 5p refund! Is this person trying to take the piss? I can't even buy a stamp with 5p! or a sweet. WTF Don't waste my fucking time.

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