Friday 7 October 2011

Well Hello

Hey Cupcakes.
22:05pm here in the UK, currently watching American XFactor, some of these people are really shit how are they still in? I haven't watched this one much but I'm in shock with some of these people in bootcamp, right now I've just seen/seeing the woman whos daddy died first day of bootcamp, I don't know how she stayed, we all know they likeliness of her winning is slim, her dad death is only once, how can you miss the funeral? Weird woman to be honest. In my eyes she should be at home with her mum and by her families side!

The other day I got an email from Thomas Cook, I passed round one and I am not going to an interview next month to get the job to be a resort rep. I have my fingers and toes crossed, my legs crossed, arms crossed and everything else. I want this job more than anything I've ever wanted in my whole life. I know I'm young I'm not even a adult yet (I'm over 18 but I'm still a teen) but I really want this and this is such a massive passion of mine. I love travel and I really love to be a resort rep, plus Thomas Cook are a great company. I've done loads of research on them because I had to do a time line in college and Thomas cook are the only company Pre 20th century. I couldn't find any others. Did you know Thomas Cook was called Thomas Cook and Sons? *Because he and his sons owned it* ;) 

 My tattoos scabbing is starting to go slowly, you can see the real pink now :) even more so now this picture was taken yesterday or this morning but now at this exact moment in time most of her dress is the bright pink. I had a bath my 2nd bath from getting my tat (had showers) and it was so hard to keep my leg out the water! I just wanted to stick my leg in :( I shaved my legs and tried to shave kitty the best I could I got loads of hair away but she is still a hairy monster (in my eyes anyway) after my bath I creamed her. I want her to heel before my holiday in a few days, don't want to put a massive plaster over her so I can swim in the pool and so on. I will even if she heels really, don't want her to fade or anything, after my shower after being in the pool I will take the plaster back off. I'll put plenty of sun block around her so I don't burn her. I love my tattoo so fucking' much and so does everyone else haha. I love showing it off and people telling me its so cute and wanting to see her.

All these pictures are from today, well the Kitty may of been yesterday ;) It was me today after college, hence the drastic hair! haha 
< me holding my student card. I'm not sure why but I was totally board when I got home and I knew I was going to blog today and I promised you all a picture for each blog I do. I will try blog tomorrow but I'm not sure if I will. I'll blog Sunday and I am taking my laptop on holiday with me (maybe) so I will blog from Turkey, keep in mind I MAY not be able to post new pictures every blog and my blogs may be quick little blogs at around 3am before hitting the bed and I could be a little drunk, maybe not a little. ALOT ;) 

I am a little amazed right now, 90% of my readers are from China, I hardly get people from the uk (where I am from) reading my blog, I sometimes want to stop blogging because if no one around me is reading it why should I blog? But I seem to get around 200+ hits a day mainly from China. I will see if I don't get more English by November I will stop blogging here. I'm not saying I want to be well know and want everyone in the UK reading me but it would be nice to know someone is here in the UK. Someone random whom I don't know.

I better go now. I'll speak with you all tomorrow!

Take Care <3

Leesha <3

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