Friday 7 October 2011

Today 07/10/2011

I did just notice that I never told you about my day today, I do get loads of hits on my posts about my day so let me tell you all.

I woke up at 7:30am, I got up totally sleepy and half asleep, picked up todays outfit (white tee, jeans, trainers and hoodie) and ofc my bra and knickers, I then took it to the bathroom done my business which included washing and all that got half dressed and come downstairs, I then got fully dressed and made myself some Frosties with hot milk, which in fact was beautiful. I then creamed my tattoo and brushed my hair into a pony tail, I watched a tiny bit of tv and left for college, I got the bus which takes me all the way to college and got in college for 9:00am I met with the principle with my class and the rest of Travel and Tourism. We spoke about the Olympics and stuff. I have signed up to be a steward at the Olympics or a doorman or something. I don't mind they pay is great and I'd love to work at the Olympics, this of course I can only do if I don't get the job with Thomas Cook. I want the Thomas Cook job more but I would love to do the Olympics, I hope I get one of them, both would be great but Thomas Cook more. After than I had break time where I went to some big of grass near my college and jammed then I had a pretty much free lesson because my teacher wasn't in and I had already done the work, I printed off my Thomas Cook form and filled it out for the interview. I had lunch then. Me and a friend from class went to Lewisham. She got a free drink in Subway because the man liked her. ¬__¬ I got back to college and had geography x2 I was so fucking tired and was moody in class. I nearly fell asleep! I hate geography  but I love travel so much, I know it is weird but yeah.... I'd be happy with a "pass" in this class not really trying too hard to get a merit or whatever. Its just not my field! Then we went home and I've been home from then. Watched Eastenders, Big Brother and so on. Had some dinner, thanks mum for that ;) was beaut. I spoke with dad today too. I hadn't spoke to him from my birthday so was nice to hear his voice. I miss my little brother too. Maybe sometime in November I will go Dad's because I have my Olympic training once I get back from holiday and stuff. I'm not sure what weekend but yeah so we will see if and when I go to my daddies. 

Anyway that was my day, pretty boring really. But its my life. :)
Tomorrow should be cool. We will see what happens. 

Till then;
Sleep well. God bless you all.

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