Wednesday 12 October 2011

Turkey Day 2

Hey cupcakes, hows things?

It is day two in Turkey, we had had more flooding and storms, I wrote my blog yesterday around 6pm I think but didn't post it till late at night when I could get good WIFI, about two hours before I posted my blog (I am not sure if it posted in UK time or Turkey time so the time may not be correct) I was at Dolphin Square, that is where the main beach is and shops, and we was in the shopping mall and a storm started, it was raining something rotten, then out of no where the rain come into the mall, the roof was leaking then it started shooting down into the mall like a power shower. The whole mall was soaking well and rain was still pouring into the mall, then BANG all the lights went out! No lights at all it was pitch black I eat my carrots and still couldn't see a thing, everyone was using their phones are torches, I also forgot to say it was around 8pm and all the shops were shutting so it was like just me mum and mums friends who were english, the rest are all turkish shop owners. It was shit scary!! I'm not joking we then had to get to the bus stop, I was more scared that my iphone would get wet, I had hading that under my cardi and wishing for the best as I slowly walked in the dark towards an exit. Outside there wasn't much light and it was hard to cross the road. We ended up paying 15TL to get a cab back to the hotel, back at the hotel it looked like it hadn't even rained. It seemed it was only at Dolphin Square. Looking back on it now I have to giggle. It was so funny. :)

Today I woke up around 8am and then went back to sleep and didn't wake up till 12. (10 UK TIME) I had a beautiful power shower and washed my hair. I looked outside the apartment and it was flooded, you couldn't leave because the water was so much. I'll post pictures soon. After they cleared it away we all went to lunch, I had a big lunch today because I hardly ate yesterday. I had Turkish Meatball (which isn't ball shaped) Chips, Rice, Beetroot and a little pit of mushrooms from some stew, I just took the mushrooms out :D We went for a little walk after that and I've just got back (time is:17:38) Everywhere I go these dogs follow me! They seems to love me for some reason, I think they beleive my big bum is chicken. They are all starving and follow me around the town. I have more pictures of the little beauties. I love dogs it is making me want a dog even more.

Because WIFI is so shit in my room I will write my blog when I get free time and post it around 12 midnight every night when I am in the reception, I get great WIFI in there so I will go there every night or whenever.


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