Wednesday 12 October 2011

turkey day 3

Hey everyone, it is currently 23:11pm on the 11/10/2011 I didn't get to post my blog today but I will do it asap. I am just writing this on Notepad and will C&P it to Blogger soon. The WIFI is going 1.0 MBPS!! That is slower than dialup! Been logged on for nearly an hour and all I have loaded is Facebook, I didn't get get to read my notifications, no that was too much like hardwork aye stupid slow WIFI!! I currently give this hotel 8/10 but it is going to be 4/10 if this WIFI don't work good by the end of the week.

Anyways, I can't remember what my last post was about *goes and looks back on other notepad* Oh so it was 17 something :) I went to dinner around 7pm so I guess I was sitting around in the room for two hours, I can't remember *giggles* For dinner I got some fish, onion rings, rice, pasta, chips, mayo and mushrooms. I know it sounds fucking pigish BUT I didn't eat it all and they was all small bits. I didn't eat any fish at all, one bite of onion rings, a mouth full of rice same with pasta and I just ate chips mayo and mushrooms. It was beautiful. After I had a bite of this chocolate thing, I don't know what the hell it is but it wasn't too much so I didn't eat it :) We went to the pool bar after dinner, got myself some cocktails, I was "punch" you will see it in the massive bowl. It was beautiful. I loved it. I also had a bottle of water, sour cherry, tropical, peach, vodka and sex on the roof. It is beautiful. I'm still drinking it now. It is a 1L or 2L bottle. :) We sat at the bar till about 40 mins ago. Now I lay in bed typing this.

Today the weather has been super good TILL night time, so much thunder, at dinner it was pissing it down! I had my camera, iphone and stuff and I was sitting it, I don't want them dying on me like... I looked at the weather on Google for the split 2 mins I got fast net and it told me tomorrow (well today by the time this is posted) ((WEDNESDAY)) Is going to rain and be stormy BUT Thursday Friday should be sunny! I hope it is sunny, I want a tan! Tomorrow I am in the pool rain or no rain! I DON'T BUSINESS ;D I need the water, I've been wanting to take a running jump into the pool from when I layed eyes on it. hehe

I better go, I have a cough still and the longer I am awake the most I cough and the more I'm scared I'll wake my mum up. So toodles for now sugarchops ;D <3

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