Friday 14 October 2011

Turkey day 4

Hello sweetiepies, Day 4 :)

Today the alarm went off at 7:30am because we was going on a boat trip at 9:30am mum and her friend went to breakfast I didn't even bother with that shitty food. I had a long shower, washed my hair and got dressed... We left about 9am and walked to reception, around 9:40 the coach come it was a mini bus and there wasn't any space for us three so the driver got us a cab, I'll upload a pictures when I can. There was three people in the front of the cab ( A NORMAL CAR ) 6 people in a 5 seat car, I'm not sure how he changed gears when the man is sitting on it haha.

We got to the boat and it wasn't that gooda boat tbh but it would do. I went upstairs and got my sunbed and got undressed into my swimming stuff. I got asked if I wanted a drink so I said yes, I got a vodka and coke. Which was in a shot glass (a big shot glass) and they tried to charge me 16TL for it. I had a shot of coke (small shot) and a mouthful of coke. I said to the man if I have to pay 16TL I want the whole can of coke and more vodka but he don't speak English so it fell on death ears. I also asked him if the vodka was gold vokda. I can get double vodka and coke in Wetherspoons for cheaper! 16TL is (with the exchange rate I got) £6 a shot for £6 is not worth it. The boat is a fuckin' con. If you go on a boat trip BRING YOUR OWN DRINKS. Mums friends bill was 44TL!! That was for only 3 drinks. Its a fuckin' con. Best believe I NEVER paid that!! Stupid twat, it really pissed me off.

I got so tanned today, I went swimming in the sea loads and sunbathed loads. I was thinking, why is it okay for a girl to walk around in a bikini but not okay in knickers are bra? They are totally the same but people judge you hella different! Odd huh? I don't know... :)

I had dinner not so long ago, chicken curry, the chicken was dry as sand but the rice was okay, and ofc I had chips and mayo. I'ma turn into a chip with white stuff dripping from me ;) hahahaha YOU DIRTY MINDS ;D =P

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