Friday 14 October 2011

Turkey Day 5

Today is day 5 in Turkey 14/10/2011 20:24.

I can not wait to get home, I am fed up of living off chips and mayo, today was Turkish night and it was fucking mingin' awful food tonight, I knew I didn't like turkish food but God there was NOTHING for me and the man tried to give me around 10 chis, these 10 chips have to last me to 2pm tomorrow don't piss me off I need more chips like ¬___¬ so anyways I had my chips they was okay, I got some RAKI too which is their drink it isn't nice I have had it before but not in Turkey and it really was nice.

Today I got my hair dyed red and got my eyebrows done, also went shopping got a few things. Its weird, I got red hair, red Ray Bans and red toes ;P hot aye ;) I have no new pictures because my laptop is going to die soon and I can't upload them in time I won't get to proof view them and edit them so BLAH no new pictures. Sorry ;) I will upload them tomorrow or when I get the time. Back to England Sunday around 12 (midnight) and have college 11am Monday. Oh the joys aye?

I better go. Some old pictures for you all...

Hugs <3

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