Sunday 13 November 2011


I've had alot on my plate the last few days with college, going to my dads and stuff like that. I'm sorry I ain't posted. I have some new pictures for you all and new posts. I've done loads of cooking and have some pictures about how I made stuff. I make the best Scrambled eggs and I'll teach you how I do so. ;)

Things have been looking up really, nothing bad has happen but I do need some sleep; I am fed up of not having much sleep. I fall asleep around 2am then wake up between 7-8am for college. I keep napping but I think I just need a long 12 hour + sleep. I'm really not feeling this right now. I'm unsure why I am so happy when I'm so sleepy. But I know I need get use to it because if I am a holiday rep I'll be hardly sleeping. My only sleep day will be the day off and that is 1 day a week. I hope its a friday! I'll sleep all day and party all night ;) JK cos I'll be working on the Sat :( BLAH haha But I know for a fact I'ma love it.

I better go because it is like 11:18pm and I need to watch Family Guy and try sleep;

Night hotties. 

Kisses to you!!

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