Wednesday 16 November 2011

Tuesday 15/11/11

On Tuesday I woke up a little later than normal, 8:15 which means I was rushing around. I got washed, dressed and ready for college. Stuck on my scarf and jacket and set off to college. It was kind of hot so I'm not sure why I had my scarf. I got to college about 15 mins early as I always do. Then the head of Travel and Tourism opened our classroom door and told us we wasn't in college today because our form tutor was ill and our ICT teacher was ill. Funny enough the hole class was angry. We all wanted to be in college like little nerds. So we sat in class moaning and I wrote a note on the door for late comers so they knew to go home (I'm course rep) we decided to go to one of the girls houses. 

I went shop and got myself a drink, a nice cold breezer. Lush. We went in her house and watched some TV. A bit of Jeremy Kyle and stuff there was 6 of us just jamming talking and a heated debate about being gay and being Christian started. I believe you can be gay/bisexual and still be a strong believer of GOD, you can still go church, read the bible, preach GOD and be gay. But the girls all said you can't you are not Christian just a church goer and we all had a really heated debate. I lost because it was everyone against me and we are all very stubborn. I wasn't happy but life goes on. It was pretty fun hearing their side of the story but I will always believe strongly that you can be who you want to be and still believe in GOD. I'd say I am Christian but I sin. EVERYONE sins. People who say they don't sin DO sin because they are lying... we are the 21st century and people lie, swear, cuss, drink, smoke, do drugs, have sex, have children out of wedlock and I think GOD will accept us if we do that. As long as we respect him and live by most of his rules. Maybe I am stupid who knows. We will all see one day when we meet him.

After the debates and stuff some of her friends come so there was 9 in totally we had some giggles and watched TV and stuff. Then we all left, I got some food because I hadn't eaten all day; it was freezing so I went home. Once I got home I watched "The Tourist" on Sky Anytime. It was pretty good. After I had a patty and went to bed. I was in a sour mood. I was feeling low, just a depressed way. BUT I woke up in a brill mood this morning.

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