Thursday 17 November 2011


 In December I am going to see Paul McCartney again. I can't wait. I saw him in Cardiff last year June and looking forward to seeing him again in London. :) Oh I do love him. I'm mad mad excited about it. I'm going with my mum and Grandad. <3
 Lol @ this picture, way back when I was LCBT college we had a sex lesson and I got 4 free condoms, I've stuck them in a draw and they have been there for like 5 months now. haha. I never clocked you can see them like this... xD I have a draw full of rubbish and 4 condoms. Oh the joys aye... xD It made me giggle anyway.

Starbucks was/still are doing a buy one get one free on Christmas coffee. I got my two. SO LUSH! It was a freezing cold day and I was on my way to a house party. It got these at Waterloo Station. LOVED it :)
 Fireworks. This is clearly from the 5th November. At a party. Lovely fireworks
 Same as above

Recently I can't get enough of the stuff!! Breadsticks and houmous is lush. I love it so fucking much. I had this as a dinner the other day. I just can't stop eating it. I've gone through two boxes of breadsticks and two BIG pots of houmous! mmmm I LOVE ASDA ;D
houmous half gone. Oh how I love you mr houmous ;D

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