Friday 25 November 2011

A Day In The Life..

 On Tuesday I had college, an ok day I wasn't in the best of mood because I was uber sleepy. I had a good day and got through it. I finished my work on Kavos and missed my lunch time. I got so stuck in I lost track of time. I spend 77 mins on it (would have been longer but it took 40 mins to log on the rubbish college system) I loved doing it.  I really did enjoy it. I am so glad I have finished. I showed my teacher and she was proud of my work. I am 100% confident Thomas Cook will like it also. I need to sell it... I need to love it!

After college I went Asda I got myself some houmous and breadsticks like I always do.. I love it. :D AWESOMEEE....
 My lovely lunch // dinner. Was awesome. I find myself eating two tubs a week! I am sure I could eat more but I do need to slow down a little before I become a breadstick covered in Houmous ;)
I had my uggs on for college on Tuesday. Its so fudging cold these days.... 
Jeggings; Uggs; Two pairs of socks; Top; Scarf; Jacket.... && I AM STILL COLD!! I hate this winter. I can't wait for summer... HURRY UP SUMMER! :(

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