Friday 25 November 2011

Looking at my phone...

 I was looking at my texts and I come across this with my mummy. xD Made me giggle. I was so tipsy this night... I remember messing the texts up and really trying hard to write correctly so she couldn't tell I was tipsy. It was Halloween weekend && I went to a local bar and saw Beetle Juice. (for people who don't know how iphones work... I am the green mum is the white)
 I've been getting EMA. ;D I am happy now because my EMA stopped for a while and I was starting to worry about money. I can't feed myself if I don't have EMA && I deffo can't live without the money. I am happy with my small £20 it makes going college a hell of a lot better. :)
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This was taken like two days ago but yeah follow me. I FOLLOW BACK ;D #TEAMFOLLOWBACK

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