Saturday 19 November 2011

Saturday, 19 November 2011

 The last picture of my puzzle ball :( Mum broke it ;( I come home from shopping and it was all in its box. I wasn't impressed. Sad times. RIP Kitty ball <3
 I've been cozy! I love my new socks mummy got me. It has been freezing the last two weeks with the winter. I hate coldness so I have my sexy socks and my leggings. ;D
 No more Awkward && no more Waterloo Road :( TEAR. My Sky+ looks boring now! But at least I have these to make me happy every week! ;D
 I love my Hello Kitty, She watches me sleep every night along with my little pooh bear. Because I have a massive pooh too. ;D
 My life size pooh bear. He is massive! I love him I like to sit in his lap sometimes and he cuddles me. He is in my mums room at the moment but I do want him back in time so I can snuggle. I'd be scared to wake up and see him haha hes massive ;D
 Taken just after I washed my hair. The red is going, loads of black is showing now. Loads of roots. My hair grows so fast. But it never gets longer :S I remember when my hair was near my bum now it is on my shoulders and I dislike it. I wish it was longer again BUT I hate how notty it is. I shall wash my hair again tomorrow even though I only done it yesterday!
 I went ASDA and got this for £1 it was lovely. I do love vodka and cranberry! I first tried it in Ayia Napa and I love it now.

 Today I was reading my history on my laptop and deleting stuff. and I've downloaded 797 items and my laptop tracks it all. I decided to delete all items because my laptop is so slow and I don't need unwanted shit on my laptop..
My laptop froze as I was deleting all the items. Here is just some of the images it had to delete. It took 5 mins for my laptop to un freeze. Bloody thing!

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