Sunday 20 November 2011

The forgotten child

This is going to sound totally odd but... I am currently in bed as it is like 2am nearly, I was on Twitter as normal and someone tweeted something about 'Charlene' so i looked up the term 'Charlene' on Twitter and a shit load of tweets come up. Im reading reading reading and I said to myself out loud 'Charlene? Is my name Charlene? It is isn't it?' and it just didnt sound right so I looked on Facebook and my name is Charlene! Haha I am so fuckin' simple sometimes! How can I forget my own name!? No one call me Charlene anymore... Leesh or Char or hunny, babe, sweets... I just forgot my name was Charlene. I feel uber stupid!

I honestly had to look on Facebook to confirm my name! How can I tell myself my name isn't my name? If I didn't have Facebook I'd be looking for my ID right now! XD stupid pleb aye? Oh well I just watched 'The Butterfly Effect' it was fuckin great. Maybe that messed up my head haha bangin' film!

I best go bed now anyway...

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