Tuesday 22 November 2011


I am sorry I aint blogged. Been so busy doing college work and stuff. I come home from college 2pm; watches JK && beauty and the geek and fell alseep till Eastenders! I am that sleepy! I really needed that nap, i woke up with a bangin headache though which was pretty annoying! I wasn't happy. Mum woke me up but I could have slept for hours more! I need a good sleep! I really do...

I am counting down the days till my Thomas Cook interview! I can't wait... I really can't. I have showed my teacher some of my work and she said it was really good. I am lucky because i killed two birds with one stone. Thomas cook ad my college both want the same thing from me so I have done my college work and tweeked it a little for Thomas Cook :) Oh so excited! Tomorrow I'll try on my work outfit and make sure it is 100% awesome so on the day I am not all fussy and stressy. On the day I'll go peckham, get a Sun news paper (someone said they can ask u questions about the news paper) and I'll get a bus to Paddington. I'll wear my little kitten heels my mum gave me and look real smart. I need to print off my CV && photocopy my passport. I think I'll take a smart bag with me. Not my prada or hello kitty cos they look childish. XD im an adult. Sometimes I forget!

I better go. I dont have much life on my iphone... Ill post pictures later...

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