Sunday 4 December 2011

Sunday 04/12/11

Sunday today. I woke up around 12:30pm which is pretty late but I've been having some late nights so it was really needed. I woke up today with a big of a headache but nothing too bad. I can't really moan too much. I then noticed it was the 4th day and time to open my advent calendar on  my iphone and my Hello Kitty one. I got a crappy little chocolate on my Hello Kitty and this awesome quiz on my iphone app. I lay on my bed for like 45 mins doing this quiz. I am hooked. I love it!! I'm learning new things and having fun :)

After messing about with the quiz I got dressed and come into the living room I then got my laptop and I've been playing from then :) I need to clean my room soon because it is so messy. I need to sort out all the junk I don't want and need. Some I can sell on ebay other stuff I'll break and stick in the bin (we have weird bin raiders who take all our good things and sell them on) so I break everything. I put ketchup on stuff everything. I bite stuff put ink on it anything to stop people making money from me! My room really looks like a bomb has hit it. Its so bad. I've lost my blackberry and I've lost my SIMS 3! Thats how messy it is. It makes me stressed out seeing it so messy. I will also change my bed covers I think. Its been like a week and I just feel like my room is dirty. Need a good clean before I cry and have a breakdown!

Right now I am watching "The Wedding Singer" with mum. It seems pretty good so far :)

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