Sunday 4 December 2011

This Weekend

 This Friday I got a large dominos for me mum and mums friend, it was lush. I do like Pizza Hut more but it was nice. :) We got a £9.99 meatilicous and I got garlic and onion dip. It was beaut... I love garlic and onion so much! Its a shame my breath don't haa

 this is my sleeping hair style... :) I put it in a high bun so it don't hurt my head as I sleep xD the higher the better ;)

 I got a new letter from Bingo on Friday. £2.50 game... :)
 I bet you can't guess what this is ;) hehe I do love it so much.
I got my 2 laptops :) I've been putting things from my other laptop on to this one. Takes forever. I've lost my sims 3 disk so I need to find it asap :)

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