Wednesday 14 March 2012


So I didn't blog yesterday but I wanted to, I was just so tired when I got home from college! Yesterday was Tuesday 13th March. I woke up around 7:30am and got washed and dressed really quick so I lay on my bed for 20 mins as a little rest because I was so damn tired. After the 20mins I got up packed my bag and left for college. En route to college (on Old Kent Road) I saw an accident. A bus had hit a motorbike and there was loads of traffic and blood if I saw correctly, I'm not sure if the person died or what but it wasn't good, I hardly got to college on time. In college I found out Lewisham had had an accident or something and had loads of traffic. There wasn't happy people on time.. Well TBH only 2 of us was on time for class lol

At lunch time I went shopping got some new shoes and took my old ones back because one shoe is bigger than the other, someone had stretched the shoe and it is really noticeable with tights on. My new shoes are flats so I can walk better with them on (: They are for my girls birthday party on the 16th (: GOING TO BE AN EPIC NIGHT of booze, booze and MORE booze!!!! After college I went to the salon near my house for a patch test because I am getting my hair done on Thursday (tomorrow. After that I come home and I was so tired its un real. Watched some TV and went to sleep around midnight

Anyway thats pretty much it for yesterday :)


Oh yeah, my tragus bar thing come, it didn't fit and come broken a little there was a slit in the tube thing. I took a picture I'll show you when I upload pictures. I didn't bother arguing about it on Ebay w/ the person because it was only like £3 I am now back to sq 1 with this tragus and work!

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