Wednesday 14 March 2012


Woke up at 11am today, I was so tired, I did really wake up at 7:30am but I made sure I went back to bed because I was so tired with college on Monday & Tuesday. So I sat in bed on Twitter till around 12:30 when mum woke up I then ate some toast because I was so fucking hungry xD It was unreal how hungry I was!

I washed my hair today, it was so curly it really needed to be washed before tomorrow because the poor girl wouldn't be able to handle it, it was knotty as FUCK! I hate when my hair goes like that, I just feel like cutting it all off but I knew I was getting it done all night to I might aswell keep it ;)

I met my friend Beth at her house around 2:30pm we went Walworth Road (South East London) I got my eye lashes done, eye brows done and had some pie & mash :) Pretty good day... Beth got her nails done and eye lashes :) I love my lashes, I never get them done from the salon so I am happy with them :)It also means I don't have to stress sticking em on Friday :)

I got home around 9pm so I was out over 6 hours. YAWN! So much walking today, I deffo worked off the pie and mash and a little of the beer. :) Now I am sitting watching TV with me ma and feeling lazy. I should really get my iphone lead to charge my phone and upload the pictures but that seems like hard work. I'll just sit here for a little while longer :)

Night everyone <3

one more reason to love Sweden ;)

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