Monday 26 March 2012

Monday 26th

I woke up this morning at 11:57am I have to add the 57 part so I don't sound too lazy haha. I got out of bed about 12:10 and went and got washed and so on :) I'm not sure the exact time but after a while I went ASDA with my mummy :)

I only spent £6 in ASDA, I was going to get BBQ stuff but damn thats a shit load of money coming out my pocket lol. I did want loads of beer but ASDA beer seems to have gone up or just expensive :\ I ended up getting some Swedish Cider! Here is all the stuff I got from ASDA, I got a 6 box of Lucozade  but I couldn't be bothered to add all 6 in the picture lol

Now I sit and watch shit on the TV while I drink my cider and eat my pringles :) Oh the high life ;]

Look at the weather in London. You may think "omg thats cold..." BUT here in the UK we are lucky for this weather haha. I am looking forward to Wednesday, I'll deffo go park or something that day 

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